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chickened out

Super friendly staff!!! Super fun/scary!!! It’s an amazing experience!!! I can’t believe this is open all year round!!! My friends and I had so much..

Alma P.

Miami, FL

Probably the best scare house I’ve been too! Had a wonderful time with sister and niece! Would go again ūüôā

Karla A.

North Miami Beach, FL

Super fun!!  Definitely worth the trip to go and experience.  Now suck it up you little pansies and go get scared

Christine H.

Utica, NY

Super dark! Super scary! Feels like you are actually in a horror movie! From the moment you set eyes on the place it has an eerie feeling. The amount of detail is amazing including the layout of the bathroom (very sanitary) they make sure to not skip a beat!

Ozker F.

New York, NY

Scary experience in February!!! I was so hesitant to go in, but I’m glad I did. It was VERY SCARY and fun!!! Almost 3 weeks later and we still laugh about it. At one point you would not know what to do with yourself and just freeze with your friends. Haha! The workers were so nice and we got complimentary shots. They change the maze every 3 months I believe. I’m definitely going again. We made it to the end! ¬†Can you?

Lexus P.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Very interesting concept and amazing execution. Went for the first time and the staff is so friendly, they make you feel very comfortable. It’s a very fun and unique experience. Love the fact that they’re in business even though it’s not October/Halloween! They give you a little card with 20% discount for your next visit.

Claudia G.

Miami, FL

Went to try it with a few friends! Let me tell you, we all had an exceptional experience. We laughed, screamed and joked all along! I think we talked about the maze for a few hours after! I would definitively recommend it to anyone that wants to have some fun!

Karen H.

Miami, FL

I’ve been through the maze and it scared the shit out of me! It was fun! I screamed, laughed and even cried a little .. it was even more fun because I was in a group and everyone was scared so it added to the fun but I wouldn’t go alone because it’s scary! I plan to bring my friends on Halloween because it’s that cool and unique. Thanks for the cool attraction.. Wynwood really needed something like this!

Cheli J.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went there with a bunch of friends and let me tell you, I was very impressed. You can tell that the owners put a lot of though and efforts to make it happen! The maze is made very nicely and with a lot of detail. It’s very unique and the price is well worth it. I have been to a few of those in other cities but nothing came even close. Overall, it was an awesome experience and I would definitely be back.

Andy C.

North Miami Beach, FL

Finally a place in Miami unlike any other! I came here on a date and turns out my guy was a bigger chicken than I was but we had the best time! lol So here’s the deal, you walk in through a pitch black maze following only the red dot at the end of each room. You make your way through the rooms which are all different themes and all the characters jump out to scare the crap out of you (SO MUCH FUN!) The maze takes about 15 mins and if it’s too much for you to handle you yell out the safe word: Paranoia and you can exit through the “chicken door” which I was NOT about to let happen. Over all it was such a great experience and the owner is super nice!! Best of all she told me they would continue changing the themes of the rooms so needless to say I can’t wait to go back and bring all of my friends with me!!!

Adriana D.

Miami, FL

Extremely scary & frightening. I actually thought about pulling out within the first few minutes….but then I thought okay just go with it & have fun. ¬†Truly scary experience but so truly fun!!! ¬† I can’t wait until the next theme …..I am so there!!! ¬†Just the 2 of us went so that made it so much more terrifying, in those other haunted houses you just end up with SO MANY OTHER people & for me that ruins the experience. ¬† I recommend going by yourself or just one more person or a very small party. ¬†I LOVE haunted houses & getting the shit scared out of me & this was well worth it. Just go. ¬†Owner super friendly & cool. ¬†This place needs to stay open….go support.

Vy T.

Miami, FL

The owner is super friendly, although he may try to frighten you from participating. The decor showed the attention to detail and set the mood. Check out the bathroom.

Despite having a no touch policy (not written anywhere, but the actors will not touch you), this haunted house was the first to make me full-out scream. There’s layers they could add – like adding touch or making you crawl – but it’s already not for the faint of heart. I suppose they need to cater to the more general population. You can also scream “Paranoia” at any time and the host will lead you out of the maze.

Definitely go. This will be quite the memory. If you’re a tourist, it’s a great end-of-trip activity.

David Y.

East Brunswick, NJ